MARCH 2013

ACS&T “Taking control of Fuel Management”

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At ACS&T we believe in development and innovation, we make sure all new and existing services contribute to a healthy environment. In January 2013, we ordered 5 new Euro V trucks, tailored with a Renault Optifuel Infomax System that will help us take control of fuel management...

The new trucks will be added to the fleet at the ACS&T Scarborough Site.  Alongside the existing fleet, the trucks will be used for a mixture of Trunking, Retail and Food Service deliveries.

The Euro V Renault Optifuel Infomax System is a Telematics System, linked directly into the engine management of the truck. It derives operating parameters from both engine and driveline and enables previously unavailable information to be accessed.

The benefits of the system give us the exact MPG (miles per gallon) figures of the vehicle and the driver.  The tracking solution that analyses the vehicle data, such as driving styles and vehicle conditions, allows to us work closely with all full time drivers.  When the data is downloaded from the electronic box, we can monitor how the vehicles are driven.  This helps us to train drivers on corrective measures, allowing them to enhance their skills and optimize the way they drive, improving on the amount of fuel they consume.

We work very closely with Renault to ensure all our Euro V trucks are performing to the best of their ability, allowing us to take control of our running costs and fuel consumption. The Euro V tractor units offer a better MPG than Euro VI equivalents, helping us take better care of our Fuel management. 

We are committed to delivering a high quality service, and operating with integrity, we will always go the extra mile to contribute to a healthier environment.


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