Young’s Seafood signs three-year contract with ACS&T

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We have recently secured a new three-year contract with one of the UK’s leading frozen food brands, Young’s Seafood. They are keen for us to continue providing our industry-leading storage and distribution services to their Foodservice division. This new contract will see the extension of a service we have most proudly provided since the 1990s.

We are delighted to highlight our long-standing relationship with Young’s seafood; we aim to continue to supply Young’s and all of our clients with the best possible service solutions available in the market.

We will continue to help Young’s minimize its primary food miles and reduce costs by cross docking the majority of their deliveries to Wolverhampton. Our experienced transport operations department uses high-tech planning software that identifies what deliveries qualify for cross docking. This has helped us to provide the best possible solutions for making sure that our service is at the level that Young’s require.

Our service will carry on helping Young’s to reduce its administration time and costs, thanks to the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) link between our leading-edge IT system and the Young’s Seafood ordering system. This link enables information on stock levels and orders to be shared between the systems, so orders can be passed directly to us in real time. This significantly improved and streamlined system saves Young’s time and increases the accuracy of orders.

To ensure that there is always enough stock available in our stores, a daily report is also sent back to Young’s, offering peace of mind, knowing customer requirements can always be fulfilled.

Chris Law, Logistics Manager for Young’s Seafood, said:

Having worked with ACS&T for a number of years, we were confident in their ability to continue to provide a cost-effective and efficient logistics operation. ACS&T pay real attention to our storage & distribution requirements and are always willing to go the extra mile to assist with ours & our customer demands.

ACS&T operates from four centres in Grimsby, Wolverhampton, Tewkesbury and Scarborough. Our extensive resources include 12 cold stores, 3 ambient stores, comprehensive co-packing facilities and large, dedicated and shared user multi-temp transport fleets.

We are continually committed to delivering high quality service, and operating with integrity and a concern for the environment, we are accredited with the BRC Storage & Distribution certificate across all sites and temperature regimes in addition to the ISO9001 and 14001.


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