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One of the biggest global challenges to the logistics industry is climate change and the impact of carbon emissions. At ACS&T, we take a multi-faceted approach to reducing the environmental impact of our logistics activities.

Warehouse Operations: We have introduced greater disciplines in load building and transferring between ambient, chilled and frozen chambers, so that temperatures are maintained, conserving energy.  We are also fitting energy efficient LED lighting in our buildings.

Transport Operations: We have introduced speed restrictions to our multi-user groupage and retail primary deliveries, which have significantly reduced our fuel usage.

Transport Equipment: Technologically, we are working with truck and trailer manufacturers to reduce energy usage.  We constantly monitor our vehicle fuel consumption and have trialed and implemented a range of improvements to further increase our mpg.  All our vehicles are Euro V or VI to achieve the lowest emissions, and we are working with tyre suppliers to increase mpg.

Consolidation: By consolidating orders from multiple customers, we improve drop density and vehicle utilisation, which reduces the miles per tonne of the food we deliver.

Business development director Mike Rice said: “Logistics operators have a huge responsibility to minimise the environmental impact of their operations, while providing the highest levels of service to their customers.  ACS&T takes this responsibility seriously, and we are continually reviewing our operations to reduce carbon emissions.”


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