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Food Traceability – covered by ACS&T

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Our customers tell us that food provenance is of the greatest importance. It is a challenge that we at ACS&T take extremely seriously, and we continue to invest in the latest technologies to ensure food products can be traced all the way through to final delivery.

As soon as we receive product, we record the SSCC (serial shipping container code), batch and production date, importantly at item level.  So whether the product is in one of our BRC accredited warehouses, on a vehicle for delivery, or has even been delivered to the end customer, we can trace the item’s location. 

In the event of a recall situation, we can locate, or indeed recall the required items, and quarantine them for investigation.  Mike Rice, our business development director, explains: “Food safety is of the upmost importance to our customers, and as the last custodian of their products before they enter market, it is recumbent upon us to provide full traceability right through the food-chain.  Our systems and processes to track products are the most robust in the industry.”


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