ACS&T invests over £1M on a more advanced and sustainable fleet

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ACS&T invests over £1M in a brand new and advanced fleet.

ACS&T Logistics provide leading logistics solutions for some of the most well-known food brands and niche producers. With their dedication to efficient transport solutions and maximum service levels the £1M investment sees ten new Scania R450 DC 13 Euro 6 tractor units to replace ACS&T’s existing fleet.

Notorious for their fuel efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, the Scania R450 are the first 450bhp vehicles to join ACS&T’s fleet. The award-winning model achieved Green Truck Award 2019, proving its dedication to sustainable design. The R450 achieved the award due to the model being the lowest average consumption of fuel and greenhouse gas emissions available on the market. The Scania R450 boasts innovative, smarter on-board technology, inclusively fitted with smart tachographs, to enforce the EU 6 step legislation. The pristine on-board technology allows ACS&T’s operators to pinpoint the exact location and status of each vehicle, improving information accuracy and operational efficiency.

Scania’s enhanced user performance package will be utilised to further enhance driver’s skillsets and performances, demonstrating ACS&T’s commitment to training, operational efficiency and environmental performance. 

ACS&T’s National Fleet Manager, Derrick West says “our latest investment shows our dedication to operational efficiency and our ongoing commitment to support the environment”

“At ACS&T we invest in the latest and leading technologies providing dynamic and sustainable solutions for our business and client base. The advancement of technology within these new vehicles will allow us to track deliveries even more precisely than before, providing us opportunities to improve on service quality”.


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