La Menorquina

Declan Matthews, Operations Director, La Menorquina 

“ACS&T controls the intake, and places it on their system so we can see instantly when it arrives.  That means we know it’s live, we can see exactly where it is and that it’s available for picking.

“They pick our products to order and control our ‘best before’ dates.  It all happens automatically on their system, and to us that’s a very big tick.

“Some operators are open 24 hours, others vary.  ACS&T has a very, very good feel for this.  That is special in a high turnover business, like ACS&T, and it’s great they can treat us as an individual customer.

“All our products are ice cream, so temperature control is absolutely critical, it cannot fluctuate.

“What makes ACS&T special is they have a very clear understanding of our business, developed over two decades of working with us.  They know the importance of temperature control, service and timing.

“Above all, they are very accessible.  The online system is fantastic, we can access our stock online 24-hours a day, monitor what’s there, its whole history and what’s reserved for later deliveries. That means we have absolute control, remotely.

“The key to our long partnership is the 50/50 mix of quality of our products and service to foodservice distributors, and that service is down to ACS&T.”


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