MAY 2021

Diversity in Logistics

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The industry of logistics and transport has always been seen to be male-dominated and having fewer female counterparts. However, at ACS&T, we are trying to break down that stereotype and believe that diversity and inclusion are essential aspects of a business.

Although it might feel that progress has been made and female’s presence in the workplace is a given, globally, women only generate 37% of gross domestic product (GDP) – highlighting that more still needs to be done.

As part of our strategy, our intent is for people of all backgrounds and cultures to feel included, welcome and valued wherever they work within ACS&T.

In the last six months at ACS&T, we have recruited females in roles such as HR & Development Advisor, Shift Manager, Marketing Executive and Business Development Manager, and promoted females into job titles such as Transport Planning Manager.  

Much research has been conducted on this topic, and findings by McKinsey shows that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers, and ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same. Having a diversified workplace can benefit companies in various ways, such as different perspectives, enhancing collaboration, improved staff retention and many more!

We agree with this research and believe that diversity and inclusion is one of the many aspects of success, and we are delighted that our business reflects this as our senior leadership team is nicely balanced with three powerful females: Alyson Wiltshire, Finance Director; Vicky Stonehouse, Head of HR and Rebecca Stanewell, Business Development Manager – who are vital members in the future success and decisions of the business and match the male counterparts.  

We believe that it is always the best person who gets the job and that we are fortunate to have such a talented and brilliant group of people. As we advance with our strategy, we want to ensure that our workplaces are ready to reach out to the best and the brightest.


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