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As everyone knows, we as an industry create a huge carbon footprint that needs to be managed. This coupled with the ban on operating fridge trailers with red diesel from April 2022 will see a significant increase in running costs so the need to explore all options to minimize our impact is now! 

This falls with our Head of Transport Max Hafford who is out exploring the possibilities.

Max says ‘When I recently attended the TCS&D show I viewed the new Gray & Adams trailer running the Carrier Vector eCool unit. This is a solely electric operating fridge that works much like an electric car. It charges via an electric hook up that will provide enough power to run for 5 straight hours but whilst in motion charges direct from a drive on the middle axle to maintain and charge the battery.

This trailer produces zero emissions and we are very lucky to be trialing it for a week in November 2021, Something we are excited to do.

Very recently we have placed and order for 7 new Mercedes Actros 5 units that have the award winning fuel saver predictive powertrain control. These units will be delivered to us in Q2 2022 and to reduce our Co2 emissions further are exploring the opportunity to run these units on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). Operating a vehicle on HVO reduces the Co2 emissions up to 90% and is a sustainable fuel source.’

These solutions are imperative for the industry and this is a very exciting time for us. We look forward to exploring the possibilities to reduce our Carbon footprint and trialing the new tech at our fingertips.


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