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Since our first quarterly newsletter back in May, here at ACS&T, we have had some exciting business updates regarding accreditation! After a lengthy process of 16 months in the works, in June we gained FSA accreditation for warehousing meat exports to the USA and Japan and several other countries at both our Tewkesbury sites (Green Lane and Northway Lane). Whilst our Green Lane site also has additional certification for packaging!

This accreditation was a new challenge and opportunity for our business and is quite an achievement, as there are only seventeen locations in the UK licensed to do this – including manufacturing sites. However, this new accreditation brought a lot of hard work. It was a new area of business for us that required installation of a new room, new processes and systems, and staff training to ultimately pass and acquire this authorisation.

Achieving this certification would not have been possible without the hard work and effort from our Business Process Manager, Scott Hodson and all the other General Managers and staff at Tewkesbury. And this process is far from over, as the work is continuously being maintained, as regular audits have to be conducted as the lifespan of these only last three months for the USA, meaning inspections quarterly and one year for Japan with checks happening annually.

We are very proud of all the staff who contributed and made this achievement possible, and we received the following fantastic feedback from an FSA officer: "It's a joy to work with companies that are working with the standards and understand what is required of them, Tewkesbury is a model site and to a high standard."

This process has required a lot of effort and time, but ultimately it has allowed us to build a great relationship with the FSA, and the increased audits have improved and amplified our already high standards. This is a triumph for the whole team and the future of ACS&T!

By gaining future accreditations such as this one and building on authorisations we already had obtained, such as our OF&G Organic certification, which has earned process privilege for meat this year, we continue to build on our outstanding services and improve ourselves to cater to the needs of our customers and your businesses.

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