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This Quarter we have Mike Noble from Seamer Transport as our Guest Editor. Mike has been with the company for several years now, initially starting as a HGV driver, and earlier this year taking the move into the Transport office. Mike will give you a view from a transport operator.

“I have worked at ACST for several years now, initially starting as a HGV driver working away from home all week, and then I became a shunter on both days and nights. Then in February this year, I took the big step to move into the Seamer transport office and I have been in our office as a Traffic Controller since. I have met many challenges through these last few months, for someone going into this role, this year was probably not the best time to make the jump!

Within a couple of months, we were facing days where we only had a handful of drivers and underutilised vehicles!

Now, in November, we have seen a growth and substantial investments into our fleet over the two sites in Grimsby and Seamer, with all vehicles being used daily and a huge increase in drivers. Turning this around in 6 months is a great achievement and allows us to not only maintain the just in time production line clearance for a major customer but also allow us to contribute and grow our Transport customer base.

I believe we still have a long way to go, but if we keep on the same path with the hard work from all of the team at ACS&T, we will be able to keep growing and expanding to become a much larger fleet.

ACS&T is big enough to be competitive in the market but small enough to still feel like a family.

Being a part of a company that has seen struggles and then bounce back, gives all of the employees a sense of achievement and meaning to work. With everyone’s hard work and dedication, ACS&T will continue to grow and in time bring innovations and opportunities for the future.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of ACS&T drivers, cold store staff and all involved in the transport departments for getting through the difficult times we have faced, and yet still working together as a team. This has been detrimental to our on-going success and growth; it could not have developed without everyone’s hard work and dedication.”


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