MARCH 2022

Bidfood and ACS&T - 25 year long relationship!

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ACS&T may not be the biggest Cold Chain in the UK, but we are more than ever committed to our customers and ensuring the service we offer them is personalised and tailored to their needs. Building relationships and partnerships with customers is a focus for ACS&T and always has been

One example of this is that of the ACS&T and Bidfood relationship which has now been going for approximately 25 years!

Here Jim Gouldie, Supply Chain and Technical Services Director for Bidfood gives his thoughts on the relationship, and what has made it last for so long.

‘ACS&T has been Bidfood’s frozen logistics partner for approximately 25 years; which in anyone’s books is a long time in this industry which means ACS&T must be doing something right!!

Whilst we have the odd up and down, I believe both businesses relationship is stronger than ever which obviously has been essential given the challenges of the past 2 years and especially since the driver crisis really hit in October last year.

By working proactively together over the last couple of years we have been able to mitigate many of the impacts of the pandemic and the resulting chaos beyond the initial lockdown. Also it was quite evident as an illustration of the manner in which both businesses relationship has developed as ACS&T no longer just perform the Vender Managed Inventory Service for our smaller suppliers, but bulk movement from a number of our supplier for Bidfood owned stock, import management as well as providing a route to market for our own manufacturing businesses. This is on top of the incredible support ACS&T provided in our Brexit mitigation activity. Indeed ACS&T was voted Bidfood Non Inventory Supplier of the Year for 2021 which is a fantastic achievement.

Finally, the long term contract that both businesses held was due to expire at the end of 2021 although we agreed a short 1 year extension to the end of this year. Both businesses remain committed to the benefits of working positively together and have seen the benefits of this over the years and are now seeking to agree a further extension slightly longer extension without going to a full market tender.

Personally, I would like to thank all at ACS&T for the fantastic service provided but especially for Kevin Ryder who has always been heavily involved in the service provided and remains our key point of contact.’

Many thanks to Jim for his kind words on the relationship with ACS&T.

We believe we work hard to ensure all our customers – no matter their size or time with us – are treated with the same respect and care.

It is such a great achievement to win the “Bidfood Non Inventory Supplier of the Year for 2021” this shows us we are doing something right!

If you are interested in finding out more about ACS&T and how we can support your business please do reach out to the Head of Business Development, Rebecca Stanewell.

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