JULY 2022

USP - ACS&Ts New user interface

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ACST have launched a new customer portal, providing a modern experience for our customers. The portal simplifies access to our Warehouse Management System without the need for use of 3rd party software (such as Java). The portal works with Android and iOS devices plus all current web browsers (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox etc…)

Our new customer portal is feature rich with a friendly UI, allowing customers to see their inventory moving around the ACST network in real time.

-          More intuitive menus linking pages together for quicker browsing

-          Visual Graphs of SKU movements (Qty Due v Qty Ordered)

-          Improved Visual Order Timelines

-          Plus more in future, as new features are released


Future Development

The new customer portal has more to offer than currently released, more tools and features are scheduled for release over the coming months.

These will include;

·         Internal real time productivity dashboards for senior managers and team leaders, which can be accessed on phones, tablets and laptops. We expect this to increase efficiency.

·         The ability to provide order interfaces for customers who don’t currently have EDI ability

·         Custom reporting for customers with specific requirements

·         Transport only orders

Features currently not available can be requested and subsequently provided with rapid development. Due to the community driven focus, these can then be rolled out to similar customers.

An example would be our ‘customer to customer transfer process’, which is time consuming and complex based on the existing portal offering. In future, we aim to simplify this process in the portal enabling us to transfer stock between customers more efficiently.


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